Gallion Sweeping Co. Inc. specializes in being a part of the team (Subcontractors) that build and repair our highway, streets, and roads in Ventura, CA and neighboring counties. We clean up the fallen debris that comes from the Grinding/Milling Machines as they grind up the old road. We also clean up after the Paving machines. We are available for disaster relief as well. We clean up construction sites that are importing or exporting dirt for a project. We work various roads and parking lot repair processes.

Core Competencies

  • Freeway and Highway Street Sweeping in Construction Zones
  • Milling and Grinding Broom Street Sweeping
  • Micro Milling Broom Street Sweeping
  • Paving and Overlaying of Streets
  • Disaster Response - Mudflow and Fire
  • Construction Dirt Haul Import or Export Operations
  • New Or Repair Parking lots Grinding and Paving


Xbroom Street Sweepers were designed for heavy highway work. The back broom down presser ability and larger hopper capacity allows for better performance. The onboard cameras and ergonomics of the machine allow for safer operations. Our team has been street-sweeping together for over 6 years. Our driver has a class A or B CDL issued by CA. We have Master Contract Agreements with Granite Construction Co., C.A. Rasmussen Inc., Pavement Recycling, and Toro Enterprises.

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